Open Kitchen
I created these posters for a thematic competition entitled 'Látványkonyha' (≈ open kitchen or show kitchen). The ingredients were given (size of the poster, what font, colours and shapes to use etc.), so the task was to somehow incorporate our personalities into our creations despite the restrictions. The strict brief made this competition similar to a commissioned client work where designers most often work based on rigid rules and precise instructions.
The competition was organized by MATT (Society of Hungarin Graphic Designers and Typographers). The type to be used was Nexa Slab (family), and the only colours that could be used were black (Pantone Proc Black), red (Pantone 032), yellow (Pantone 123) and blue (Pantone Proc Blue).
Both posters are exhibited until Nov 28, 2013 at Design Terminal, Budapest.
(≈ shake)
For this poster I took the ingredients listed in the brief and simply 'chopped them up'.
Some close ups of the poster
(≈ reform cuisine)
In this poster I wanted to challenge the brief and see if I could create something colourful while sticking to the four colours specified. So I relied on the human eye to perform the colour mixing. I placed small squares of different colours next to each other and thus created the illusion of a larger colour range. Eventually I ended up creating 33 mixed (or reform) colours using only the four colours specified. It was very interesting to see how the human eye perceives colour when looking at the poster from close up and from a distance.
Some close ups of the poster
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