Various Logos – Colour Set
Client: Big Sky Integrative Wellness
Company Profile: Wellness and Beauty
Client: Napsugar (= sunshine, sun rays) Ovoda (= kindergarten)
Company Profile: Kindergarten
Client: Shape Search
Company Profile: Image Identification Software
Client: Crown Hair
Company Profile: Hairstyling and Beauty
Client: Biedermeier Antique
Company Profile: Antiques Shop
Client: iCoffee
Company Profile: Coffee Shop
Client: DVD King
Company Profile: DVD Rentals
Client: Jumpstart
Company Profile: Children's Care
Client: CALL
Company Profile: Children's Counselling
Client: Taste Buds
Company Profile: Salad Bar
Client: Kashmir / Harsfa Studio
Company Profile: Restaurant
Client: ePsykologene
Company Profile: Psychology Service
Client: Coffeeby
Company Profile: Coffee Shop
Client: Bambu Interiors
Company Profile: Interior Design
Client: TSP Logisztika
Company Profile: Logistics
Client: Texas Heritage Surveying LLC
Company Profile: Surveying
Client: St Paul Group LLC
Company Profile: Property Management, Investment
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